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As a kid I was always curious about why things happen the way they did and why people did the things that they did. I had no idea what I wanted to do but one thing that I did have was entrepreneurship tendencies.

In elementary school all the kids would pay me 5 dollars to draw their favorite characters on their hands. In middle school, I would sit at the lunch table with other kids that loved training cards and I would sell rare cards that was hard to get. In high school, I sold candy and chips and soda and breakfast to anyone that wanted to do business with me. I even did delivery at 

Pizza Hut before they even started delivery in our area. I would order a lot of pizzas and use my 50% discount and when I got off work deliver it to people’s homes. In high school I was into music and music led me into falling in love with graphic design. I started creating cd covers for local artist in my area. I would go to my cousin’s studio to get his cd covers and take them home and try to recreate them.

After I graduated high school, I moved to Virginia for a small period, still creating cd covers full time while working two other jobs. I moved back home in 2014 and I played around with Photoshop shapes and I made a heart shape image with the mouth open on the heart. I put it in a folder and left it alone for two years. In 2016 as I was cleaning out my computer I was looking through the folders to make sure I wasn’t deleting any important files and that’s when I saw the design sitting in the folder and I deleted  it and undeleted it. I deiced to print the first design on a red and white baseball T-shirt. I wore it in public and instantly was laughed at. I went back to the drawing board working hard to recreate the heart design. 

After 2017, I’d gotten lazy and was starting to second guess myself. I began to focus on working 3 jobs. Even though I was working hard, I still felt empty inside and knew something was missing. In the middle of 2017, I use to rush to get my work done so that I could sketch ideas as they pop in my head. I was looking for the perfect characters to match with my heart logo and slowly but surely things started to take shape. 

In 2018, I started to second guess myself again but kept telling myself I had to launch this brand no matter what. In December of 2018, I promised myself that I was going to launch the brand in 2019. 

On February 23, 2019, I launched the online store and sold our teddy bear T-shirts all over UNITED STATES.




Well I really enjoy LOVE a lot. I truly believe it’s a beautiful thing. I love to see people smile and be happy, being together as a family, teaching each other, and growing with each other not against each other. I truly believe we must fight for what was once a paradise in my eyes. We use our two teddy bears to tell our story. We dress them up in outfits sometimes you might even see their zippers popped.

What I want to bring to the table, is that is nobody perfect, we all have flaws. Nobody can see how they portray themselves, so hopefully our bears can allow people to see themselves within our teddy bears. The question comes down to how can we stop pointing fingers at each other to how can we fix the problem together? Our brand will make you laugh, make you cry, our brand might even make you appreciate the hardship that once was. 

But we hope that our brand help changes lives and touch people’s hearts.

Let us show you a new way to fall in love, I mean it’s not like there’s nothing wrong with the original way. We really hope you join us on our journey, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

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Spread the Love,

Vincent Giles 



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