On NOVEMBER 18, 2019, Shika Martinez wrote to TRUE LOVE CLOTHING BRAND’s Facebook page (truelove2k16).

Shika Marinez :  Good afternoon from New York. Those bears had so much meaning I got them tattooed. Thank you, I will be shopping soon!

True Love Response: Hello, How are you? You got our bears tattooed on you?

Shika Marinez:  Yes, I did

I hope that's ok. But I will be purchasing merchandise within the next week or so.

True Love Response: Can we see the tattoo please you’re not in trouble?


As Ms. Marinez showed us the tattoo, we were shocked that someone got the teddy bears tattooed on them. This was a surprising shock to us.

We made sure to thank her and asked her to send pictures over to us to share on our Facebook and Instagram (@truelove.2016) pages.


When I first saw the tattoo, I’m not going to lie, I thought it was photoshop at first. Once I saw that it wasn’t photoshopped, I didn’t know how to take it. With our brand launch opening being just short of a year, it was truly a shock that our logo was such a big hit.

When the company began working on the teddy bears holding hands, it was just for advertisement. Even thought it was for an promotion for the drop of the T-shirts, we still wanted to put a small message out there for people who are good with reading in between the lines. Even though they both are hurting on the out and the inside they remained together. This to me personally is reality. This is what the naked eye can’t see. That’s exactly why I chose to do the design this way. In my opinion, when it comes to love I just feel like we are living in a fake environment. My job is to wake people up so they can know that this isn’t real this isn’t our natural state.

We have been sold a product and that product was for free and we are buying the crap out of it. While we are stuck in this unnatural environment, we are being told it’s going to be ok to do this and do that. Everyone may not agree but in here it’s ok. I’m my opinion, we have become comfortable with being in an unnatural state which has become normal, which is causing more damage to us.


Thank you Shika Matinez for showing the brand love. This means a lot to me, to know that an idea I came up with is breaking through to people. You will go down in our brand book that you are the first Fan to tattoo our product. I am honored to have you as hard-core fan, and I thought I was my biggest fan lol I guess I got competition now.

Shout out to Long Beach, New York

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