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True Love Clothing Brand is all about bringing people

together and showing that everybody isn’t

perfect in relationships. Yes, everyone

makes mistakes, and some don’t even try to

understand the mistake they’ve made, which can cause a

trail of damages left behind. We want to create

awareness hoping that this helps to fix other peoples

issues. When it comes to love, we feel like love has

been put in a fake environment and we want to pull

everyone from out of that. We use our heart logo and

our two teddy bears to tell a story. You will be able to

connect with our brand through laughter, sorrow and excitement.


Join us on our journey to show you a new way to fall in love!

Original Design

In 2014, Vincent made a heart shape design with a wide mouth and band-aids on the hearts face on his computer. He stored always in a folder on his computer. Two years later, in 2016, when he was cleaning out his computer he deleted the design and before emptying his trash bin he decided use the logo for a profit in the T-Shirt business.

Bringing Love Together

We use our teddy bears to tell our stories behind our brand, hoping to bring everyone back closer than ever!


Teedy bear 

Trying so hard to hide the shame and hurt she has to go through in her relationship her abuse may be small but her heart is damage while she can hide it on the outside her heart knows the truth. and she has hammer behind her back.


Poor Teddy Bear...

Cried his eyes out that's why his eyes are blacked out. Tears roll down his face he has been abused  and has cottons on the ground, and he has stitches on his body trying to put himself back together. He has been through so much he finally decided to go on the defense. But what is he hiding behind his back?


Hi! I am Joe, "The Mailman" for True Love Clothing Brand. I am 22 years old and the brand has entrusted me to make sure you get your package on time. Trust me I will do just about anything to make sure that happens! Looks like we will be working together, and I can't wait. This brand is so original and different I can't wait until you get to wear a True Love shirt! Until then, see you soon!



We take ideas and flip them upside down to bring a different and new look on the way to look at love.


Wonderful customer service. Great delivery time. Amazing quality in shirts. I was very impressed with the design and concept. I will definitely be back again.

Aetwa Y

Yes I do I love my shirt and will be ordering more, thank you True Love!

Dyme Love

One of the best t-shirt I have purchased in a while. The shirts are very comfortable, the quality of the material and the design are of the highest grade. I was so satisfied with my first purchase, I had to order all the other colors of the teddy bear shirts. I cannot wait to see what the clothing line has in stores next. Great Job guys, you have a customer for life.

Franck Cine

I love everything about my shirt, from quality to design, you should go cop you a couple shirts!

Marcus Kermy